Key Issues for US Tax Payers
• Taxed on a worldwide basis
• Over 7 million non-US resident taxpayers
• 93% are non IRS compliant
• Onerous reporting and high levels of taxation
• Significant implications for non compliance

• Assets are held in a fully compliant and reported scheme
• Growth made within the plan is not subject to any tax on an annual basis
• Distributions can be taken from age 50 irrespective of residency
• Initial lump sum of up to 30% with no Federal Tax even if US resident
• Only the growth element is subject to US tax charges when taken
• You can continue to fund the plan even if you return to the US

Keynote Speakers

Oliver Rahe
Goldman Sachs Asset Management – Dubai MENA

Amy Curlee
STM Regional Director

Kevin West
Senior FX Private Client Manager

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Please note this event is only open to Americans or Green Card holders as places are strictly limited.